Commercial Litigation

The country’s leading companies trust Butler Snow’s Commercial Litigation team to provide insight into complex legal issues and to handle their litigation matters with the kind of creativity and innovation that delivers maximum success at minimal inconvenience and cost.

Our Commercial Litigation trial teams are composed of experienced courtroom advocates. Our robust presentations, rapport with juries, and single-minded focus on achieving the best results for our clients is behind our strong success record.

Our commercial litigation practice is led by some of the firm’s most experienced trial lawyers who have gained regional and national reputations for successfully handling complex commercial litigation, class actions and mass tort matters. Our resources also include members of our Appellate & Written Advocacy group who assist with motion practice, briefing and appellate work. For maximum efficiency, these attorneys work with our trial teams throughout the litigation process, so they are fully prepared if an appeal is required. We also have a strong White Collar, Compliance and Government Investigations practice, which includes numerous former federal prosecutors, including three former U.S. Attorneys and a former state prosecutor. Because of our extensive government-related experience, there are few firms capable of matching our ability to address major government investigations.

Our experience encompasses a wide range of commercial disputes, including business and shareholder disputes, real estate and oil and gas litigation, insurance claims and coverage, director and officer liability and failed financial institution litigation, breach of contract, breach of warranty, consumer protection, unfair competition, UCC and sales litigation, administrative bid protests, RICO, securities and bankruptcy cases, as well as related class actions.

We have been lead class or mass action counsel for a wide array of clients across a broad range of industries. Representative types of antitrust and franchising cases include, class actions, complex distribution issues, civil and criminal price fixing cases and monopolization and attempted monopolization disputes.

In today’s legal and regulatory environment, bet-the-company litigation often threatens a company’s very existence. Butler Snow’s litigators are widely recognized for our ability to rapidly form an integrated team of attorneys to efficiently and astutely address such litigation, even when those issues involve multiple jurisdictions across the nation. Our high success rate stems from our deep understanding of every aspect of our client’s business model and strategic goals, coupled with unmatched high-stakes litigation experience.

In-house resources provide an analytical edge 

Our team also includes in-house CPAs, banking personnel, insurance personnel and others, providing invaluable contributions to our case strategies and work product. As well as contributing to our ability to provide top litigation services economically. 

Following the most expeditious course

Our commercial litigators recognize that businesses generally need to stay out of court and often need to conclude matters quickly, so we stay focused on our clients’ business goals. When litigation is avoidable, we work with our clients to negotiate or engage in alternative dispute resolution to reach an expeditious and effective solution that moves their broader business goals forward.

Our Commercial Litigation Group blog, BizLitNews, contains up-to-date information and analysis, from thought leaders in our group, on current issues that are of interest to our clients and professionals involved in business and commercial litigation.