Obtaining great results for good value

Butler Snow’s Insurance Group’s breadth of experience is unmatched. Our team members have decades of experience. Insurance and claim administration companies retain us for coverage work and to defend insureds in a wide variety of matters, including trucking and motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, work site accidents and exposures, and tort suits filed against businesses, such as malicious prosecution, defamation, and infliction of emotional distress. Our insurance defense team includes numerous highly experienced litigators who are fully familiar with all types of insurance policies and claims.

We also act as outside counsel to assist companies with gathering and preserving documents/information/data for potential future litigation. Additionally, we assist insurers in managing claims to avoid litigation. Where appropriate, we look for early solutions, including early mediation. Finally, we provide in-house seminars concerning best practices, as well as efforts to avoid and/or minimize the chance of claims in all areas.

Butler Snow’s Insurance Group works with some of the largest insurance carriers in the world, as well as mid-sized, regional and specialty carriers. We also represent commercial insurance brokers and agents, defending against misrepresentation and other wrongdoing involving state regulatory matters. We also represent excess insurers in major tort cases, including those in which we monitor the defense provided by the primary carrier and those in which the excess carrier has disputed coverage.

Highly responsive, proactive

Great customer service and top-quality analysis and work product is our ongoing goal, and we fulfill that goal by always putting our client first. Our attorneys provide an early assessment of the situation, with sufficient information for the client to decide the best course of action. Then we work to achieve the best possible result in a proactive manner that focuses on expedience and cost effectiveness.

We understand our clients’ need for strict reporting requirements, and we pay acute attention to those requirements and timelines. Our focus is on client service and we believe fully transparent, timely communication is key.

Harnessing technology, staffing appropriately

Our full-service firm can provide extensive resources to help ensure effective representation within our clients’ budgets. For example, Butler Snow’s file management systems are state-of-the-art. This contributes to our ability to maintain outstanding organization for cases of all sizes, which translates to more efficient, cost-effective representation. Technology allows us to work faster, more efficiently, and less expensively.

Appropriate staffing also adds another layer of value. We work hard to ensure that each case is staffed with the correct team, including highly competent paralegals and other non-attorneys, who support our attorney team. For example, we often use experienced paralegals to handle the majority of the document review and discovery, with oversight from our attorneys, saving money where we can.

Collaborative environment extends our reach

The cases we defend for insurance companies often involve other areas of the law, such as employment law and product liability. That’s where our deep bench strength and collaborative work environment shine. Our insurance group utilizes the resources and expertise of Butler Snow lawyers in other practice areas and in other geographic locations.

Our team collaborates from the beginning on how to approach a case to determine how that particular case may impact the client’s interests in all jurisdictions in order to develop a good body of case law for our client.

In large litigation, we can assemble teams to handle any issue with a high level of expertise. In short, we can help from A to Z for any large matter on a regional or national basis.


  • Organized a flood-defense group that handled hundreds of cases. The client faced numerous problematic issues, many of which were created by others, but we worked our way through and around those issues and stayed focused on dispute-resolution. All of these cases were eventually successfully concluded through mediation.
  • Our collaborative work on insurance issues and litigation strategy for an educational institution regarding instructor misconduct had both short- and long-term significance for our client. Our positive results are a classic example of our expertise and teamwork in action.
  • In a case involving delivering RCRA-regulated hazardous waste to a non-RCRA facility in Mississippi, which allegedly resulted in personal injury to a facility worker, we were able to pull from our firm’s environmental expertise to help reach a successful settlement for the insurance carrier.