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Estate/Trust Fiduciary Litigation

Client-centered, sensitivity-based counsel

Butler Snow’s Estate/Trust Fiduciary Litigation team has considerable experience resolving a wide range of controversies surrounding estates. Our attorneys represent institutional and individual trustees, executors, and administrators in claims of breach of fiduciary duty. We also regularly represent clients in will contests and other estate disputes.

We take a client-centered approach to each case, offering our best advice on the likelihood for success and the economics of pursuing litigation in relation to the overall size of the estate. We understand that estate and trust disputes can be highly emotional, and we work closely with our clients to help them find an effective, efficient solution aimed at preserving estate assets.

Some examples of the type of work we do include:

  • Disputes among trust and estate beneficiaries
  • Will contests, based on undue influence, lack of mental capacity or other factors
  • Duties of trustees of life insurance trusts
  • Unproductive/underproductive trust property matters
  • Claims of negligent trust administration

Culture of collaboration

When estate and trust disputes arise, we provide our client with an experienced litigator, but we often also combine that expertise with our internationally recognized wealth planning attorneys who regularly counsel client’s regarding strategic long-term wealth management. These lawyers provide additional insight, such as helping assess the tax consequences of various litigation outcomes and other big-picture matters.

Our firm’s collaborative approach allows us to provide clients with advice that considers the full scope of their estate and trust matters and ensure an accurate overall view of the consequences of any controversy, so we can deliver an effective litigation strategy.