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Professional Liability


When everything you’ve worked for is on the line, you need professional liability advocates who understand both the legal ramifications of your situation and the underlying nuances of your profession. At Butler Snow, you have our entire full-service legal team at your disposal. We leverage our firm’s collective expertise to better understand your business and then we use that industry-specific knowledge to represent your interests more effectively. Across offices, across practice areas, and across experience levels, you get the right team of professionals working together to protect your professional reputation in the most efficient way possible.

The firm’s prior experience in the Professional Liability space is broad. We have represented attorneys, accountants, civil engineers, doctors, nurses, medical facilities, insurance agents and adjusters, appraisers, architects, and other professionals, as well as professional malpractice insurers and self-insured individuals, in a wide array of underlying claims and transactions. And we have defended our clients in court, arbitrations, administrative proceedings, boards of licensure, and in matters involving internal investigations.

Defending your reputation

Butler Snow’s attorneys are best known for capable and bold representation in the most serious matters, where a professional’s otherwise unblemished career is at risk. We understand that in professional malpractice claims, for example, there is much more at stake than just this single case or the dollars at issue. Such a claim also carries the potential to stigmatize a professional’s life’s work and jeopardize his or her future livelihood.

Aiming for the earliest possible resolution

While our goal is to preserve our clients’ reputations and protect their future, we also understand the benefits of early resolution, from both a cost and reputation standpoint.

For professional liability cases, this means we willingly explore the strengths of various alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options. In many cases, an out-of-court solution is both cost-effective and efficient, and ensures that the dispute remains private. As a firm, we’ve handled hundreds of ADR matters through both nationally and locally recognized arbitration services.

As desirable as early resolution can be, we are also willing to try a case when needed. Early resolution using a discrete alternative-dispute approach is often our first choice, but we remain able and willing to try a case without hesitation. Butler Snow takes a results-oriented approach focused on guiding these cases to our clients’ desired resolutions. And we use all of the tools at our disposal to make that happen.


  • Defended one of Tennessee’s largest CPA firms in an audit malpractice case involving allegations of lack of independence for audit work where the CPA firm provided the basis for calculating the purchase price for a healthcare provider institution.
  • Served as national counsel for a cable-stay bridge design firm for all professional liability claims.
  • Represented an attorney political candidate in claims asserted by a former client during the campaign and avoided litigation with minimal expense.
  • Represented a civil engineering firm against claims that a drainage system the firm installed for a municipal project was defective and caused or contributed to a large mudslide that blocked a river channel.
  • Routinely represent healthcare professionals practicing at privately operated correctional facilities sued under the Eighth Amendment and medical malpractice statutes.
  • Represented a large Alabama law firm in a claim by a securities broker for breach of fiduciary duty by advising the client (the entity with whom the broker was affiliated) to settle a customer complaint. Summary judgment for the law firm was obtained and affirmed on appeal.
  • Defended a CPA firm in a jury trial alleging negligent supervision in preparation of payroll tax services.
  • Assisted a physician before the Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure on a complex multi-state licensure issue involving the physician surrendering a license in another state based on improper advice, which caused Mississippi to temporarily suspend the doctor’s Mississippi license.
  • Defended a Mississippi attorney before the Mississippi Bar Committee on Professional Responsibility against a bar complaint from a former client.
  • Defended a CPA firm before the Tennessee State Board of Accountancy against allegations regarding a lack of professional competence.
  • Represented a law firm in the aftermath of discovering a former partner’s embezzlement of a mid-six figure amount, which required navigation of parallel bar, civil, criminal, and tax proceedings.