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Alternative Dispute Resolution


Alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as arbitration or mediation, has become increasingly popular for its efficiency and cost effectiveness in civil disputes. At Butler Snow, we believe in the benefits of exploring alternative ways to resolve conflicts to meet the needs of clients.

Butler Snow’s focus is to provide value to our clients through the most effective solution. Our litigation team is known for its excellent litigating skills and outside-the-box approaches to both litigation and ADR, including pre-lawsuit mediation. In every instance, we weigh all choices carefully before recommending a specific action.

We have handled hundreds of ADR matters through both nationally recognized arbitration services and organizations, and by advocating in countless mediations. Many of our attorneys and professionals have impressive track records of success as litigators and are trained mediators and arbitrators.

We put a premium on flexibility and resourcefulness. For example, we orchestrated the successful resolution of one civil dispute through a confidential ADR arrangement where a panel of three retired judges were engaged to issue an advisory decision on the merits of the dispute, which then led to successful settlement negotiations.

Keeping litigation options open

While our attorneys are always open to alternatives to litigation, we can try cases without hesitation. In fact, it is our excellent track record trying lawsuits that makes us so effective at negotiating great results in the mediation context.

Our bottom line is advancing our clients’ best interests—and doing it with minimal expenses and loss of our client’s time.

The right approach at the right time

Alternative dispute resolution is often an excellent choice for both parties, but sometimes it is not. Before we agree to a voluntary mediation or an arbitration, we work to ensure our clients fully understand their options, including the benefits and risks of litigation and the costs associated with various ADR approaches.

Butler Snow attorneys and professionals are skilled in handling and resolving all types of civil disputes, whether through trial in state and federal courts across the United States and internationally or by ADR, such as arbitration and mediation.

Our attorneys have experience in all dimensions of arbitration and mediation, including:

Planning helps reduce disputes

While Butler Snow litigators are ranked among the best in dispute resolution—in all its forms—we work every day to ensure that our clients’ best interests are served long before disputes arise. This includes careful consideration regarding adding ADR clauses to business contracts. These clauses can be a valuable addition to an agreement but, equally important, we understand when to advise against such clauses if they could result in unnecessary costs and ineffective results.

Our attorneys also work with clients to help identify and develop complaint and conflict resolution internal systems to help defuse conflicts before they escalate to any form of legal action. We believe that one of the most cost-effective solution involves shaping future conduct through effective preplanning.

Best possible service to our client

Our litigation group often turns to our colleagues throughout our practice areas for advice and collaboration to help reach the best dispute-resolution decision for our clients. This additional industry-aware analysis allows for a higher level of evaluation aimed at weighing technical, complex or industry-specific sensitivities that may play a role in the decision to use ADR or other remedies.

The solution is different in every circumstance, but our goal remains the same—provide the best results to our clients.