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Miss. State Board of Medical Licensure Issues Telehealth Waivers to Combat COVID-19

The Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure issued a proclamation on Sunday, March 15, announcing measures to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The proclamation is based on Governor Reeves’ emergency proclamation, which allows for the temporary suspension or modification of any rule or regulation put in place by a state agency. Specifically, the Board of Licensure’s proclamation recognizes the increased burden many patients face in order to receive medical care. As such, the Board has chosen to institute the following changes to the state’s telehealth policy:

  • Providers are encouraged to utilize telemedicine for treating patients to avoid unnecessary clinic visits, travel, and possible exposure.
  • Waiver of the requirement that the physician “personally examine patients prior to the issuance of a prescription or order the administration of medication, including controlled substances.” However, physicians must still “conduct an evaluation of the patient’s current condition and document the appropriate medical indication for the prescription.”
  • Allowing out-of-state physicians to utilize telehealth modalities in Mississippi without being licensed in the state, provided the physician holds an unrestricted license in the state in which the physician practices and currently is not under investigation or subject to a disciplinary proceeding.” See the Emergency Licensure form here.
  • Controlled substance prescriptions still require physicians to review the Prescription Monitoring Program website first, but the requirement of a urine drug screen (otherwise required as part of a treatment plan for treatment of chronic/non-terminal pain – Rule 1.7) is not required.

All other regulations are to remain in effect.

Click here to view the proclamation.

Click here to view the Emergency Licensure form.