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Mergers & Acquisitions

The firm has the size and expertise to staff a team of experienced, thorough and aggressive lawyers to handle acquisitions, sales or mergers of privately held or publicly traded businesses. For decades, Butler Snow has played a key role in many of our region’s large-scale corporate merger and acquisition transactions. In recent years, we have brought that experience to bear in the national arena. The firm is experienced in all aspects of buying and selling businesses: strategic planning, evaluating and screening prospects, and negotiating, structuring, financing and closing a transaction. Although most of the transactions in which the firm provides representation involve tens and often hundreds of millions of dollars, we built our understanding of business transactions while representing many family-owned and -operated businesses. The firm is well known for assisting these clients in realizing the value of the business enterprises which they have worked hard to build.

We adopt a “win-win” philosophy in commercial transactions. Our goal is to drive the process to a successful conclusion in as short a period of time as possible. We believe that the most critical decisions in commercial transactions are business decisions reserved to the client’s business team. We prefer to approach negotiations in a positive non-confrontational manner and to limit intense debate to key components and critical issues, subject to our client’s needs.