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Wealth Transfer Planning (International)

Responsive, solution driven counsel

Twenty-three of the families listed in Forbes World’s Wealthiest Families, as well as world-renowned artists, athletes, entertainers and other ultra high net worth families, trust Butler Snow to provide highly responsive wealth planning counsel.

From our offices in London, Singapore and the U.S., we deliver solution driven tax and estate planning advice for individual clients who reside outside the U.S. but have U.S. business interests, U.S. family members or U.S. investments. Because of our strategic locations in Asia, the U.K. and the U.S., our lawyers can provide personalized, in-person service and a quick turnaround for clients—often within their time zones and in their languages.

Our International Wealth Planning team handles a wide variety of matters for U.S.-connected families, including:

  • Non-U.S. trust planning
  • Structuring investments in U.S. property
  • Pre-U.S. immigration planning
  • Integrated U.S./U.K. tax and estate planning
  • Pre-U.K. immigration/tax planning for U.S. persons
  • Renunciation of U.S. citizenship/green cards
  • Voluntary disclosures

Trusted partners to local counsel

We have become trusted partners and the “go to” referral source for many local advisors and lawyers. We often work synergistically with local law firms, accountants and private banks to provide cross border advice to their clients. For example, we work with local counsel to help clients who are facing tax and compliance issues across multiple jurisdictions, which has become increasingly important in the era of global transparency.

As part of a client’s team of advisors, we regularly provide customized solutions that meet our client’s economic goals and resolve complex cross border matters, while minimizing global income tax and estate/inheritance tax exposure.

Innovative, economical billing approach

Butler Snow also strives to provide maximum value to our wealth planning clients. We often reach beyond the standard billable hour approach to offer alternative fee structures that enhance the value we provide to our clients. For example, we can provide fixed-fee arrangements for certain matters to provide more predictability in budgeting.

We have the experience to advise clients across jurisdictions regarding nearly any international tax or private client matter, while always providing our services at the best possible value.