Civil Rights

Federal and state civil rights statutes relating to employment, housing and lending are as much a part of the business and legal landscape as the Uniform Commercial Code. In addition to a substantial employment-related practice, Butler Snow has extensive experience in defending civil rights matters ranging from police brutality claims to a nationwide class action alleging discriminatory provision of insurance services and benefits.

Butler Snow has also been an advocate for civil rights. For example, in a class action lawsuit known as the Black Farmers Case, the firm joined in the representation of African-American farmers who had claims against the United States Department of Agriculture for racial discrimination in the administration of farm loan and benefit programs. That lawsuit, which resulted in awards of over $815 million to approximately 13,000 farmers, is believed to be the largest civil rights case in history. The firm took no fee from the money awarded to the farmers.

In sum, we understand both sides of this issue, and we provide seasoned, practical advice to you in this sensitive area.