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Antitrust, Competition & Trade Regulation


Businesses operating in today’s regulatory environment face increasingly complex antitrust, competition and trade regulations across jurisdictions and geographies. Butler Snow’s attorneys help our clients efficiently navigate these laws and regulations.

We often assist clients in anticipating potential concerns and avoiding major issues before they arise, including advice on structuring distribution relationships and pricing strategies and pursuing potential business combinations or strategic relationships. Our legal team offers a combination of experience across a wide variety of industries to help clients manage their antitrust, competition and regulatory matters and the litigation experience to mitigate exposure when needed.

We routinely represent clients in a broad range of industries including pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, multiple major retail businesses, distributors, franchised operators, healthcare companies (from service providers to device and pharma suppliers), large agricultural ventures and cooperatives, financial services, insurance providers and numerous types of technology companies.

Our antitrust and trade regulation practice has encompassed diverse commercial fields, from domestic and international product distribution and marketing, to communications and healthcare services. This practice includes matters related to federal antitrust, competition and fair trade practices statutes such as the Sherman Act, the Federal Trade Commission Act and the Robinson-Patman Act, and M&A-related statutes such as the Clayton Act, including the Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) Act. While the state law issues vary widely by jurisdiction, our firm also routinely advises clients on state antitrust, unfair competition and consumer protection laws.


Butler Snow’s goal is finding the best attorney team for your matter. Our teams work seamlessly across offices, so we can efficiently serve your business needs. For our corporate clients, this means our attorneys in any practice area can quickly call on our Antitrust, Competition and Trade Regulation team to assist in any aspect of day-to-day business where these legal concerns may arise, often preventing issues from ever materializing.