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Administrative & Regulatory Law

Companies’ business operations can be significantly affected by government regulation and federal and state agencies’ enforcement actions. Moreover, various business needs and strategies often require governmental approval as well. The ability to successfully challenge a government agency’s adverse action or advocate for a favorable decision requires a thorough understanding of administrative law and the legal guidelines and requirements imposed on federal and state agencies. Butler Snow’s Administrative Law practice combines numerous substantive areas of legal expertise with the common element of regulatory know-how to achieve maximum results for our clients in challenging and defending government regulation.

Our Administrative Law team regularly represents clients at the administrative level of state government by appearing before numerous state boards, commissions and agencies. Our attorneys are well-versed in representing clients at enforcement actions in federal and state court. Our group also appears before agencies on behalf of clients at the rulemaking stage to present evidence and raise persuasive arguments in favor of our clients, thereby preserving a record for judicial review of the final rule. In addition, our attorneys also represent a number of state boards and commissions.

Butler Snow lawyers understand the regulatory maze and have the knowledge and experience to assist clients efficiently and effectively in their progression through the regulatory process.

While we have extensive experience and cooperative working relationships at the state administrative level, an important component of our administrative practice is the representation we provide at the local administrative level as well. By way of example, through our representation of the Mississippi Association of Supervisors for more than 25 years, our lawyers work with many of the counties in the State of Mississippi, as well as with municipalities and other local officials on a variety of administrative matters ranging from elections to zoning.

We regularly represent clients, before a wide array of state and local regulatory agencies throughout the Southeast that regulate a broad range of areas including health, environmental quality, public service, public utilities, energy, business and professional licensing, insurance, tax, commerce, transportation, motor vehicles, and wireless communications. Our lawyers also represent numerous utility authorities, planning and development districts and other local governmental entities encompassing the full gamut of local administrative laws.