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Transportation & Trucking Rapid Response

Effectively defending against truck and tractor trailer accidents requires a thorough knowledge and understanding of the unique laws and regulations applicable to the trucking industry, including the processes, procedures and experts necessary to investigate a serious trucking accident. The attorneys in our Trucking Group are seasoned and experienced in investigating and defending motor vehicle accidents involving tractor/trailers. Our extensive network of experts, including accident investigators and reconstructionists who specialize in scene and vehicle inspections, provide us with assistance in retrieving and interpreting electronic event data from both the tractor and passenger vehicle data recorders, and contribute to our defense strategies.

We represent self-insured trucking companies and truck leasing companies, their insurers and their drivers. Our clients are local, regional and national companies involved in interstate shipping, including companies transporting goods and passengers, independent operators, and shippers of hazardous materials. Our defense work includes handling large loss and catastrophic cases, including claims alleging truck driver negligence, hours of service violations and speeding, among other things, and allegations related to mechanical or maintenance issues and defects.

Our Trucking Group maintains a “Transportation and Trucking Rapid Response Team,” with contact information available to our clients for emergencies. As a result, our Trucking lawyers are “on call” and ready at any time to visit the accident scene, helping to lay the groundwork for a careful investigation and a vigorous defense of the claim.

We are also familiar with and sensitive to criminal laws and procedures, which are sometimes associated with trucking cases, and we can easily draw upon the resources and expertise of other Butler Snow lawyers who practice in the criminal arena.

Many of our trucking attorneys are active in the Trucking Industry Defense Association (TIDA), the ABA TIPS Commercial Transportation Committee, and similar organizations, and are frequent lecturers and authors on issues unique to the Trucking Industry.

To connect with a member of our Rapid Response Team, contact Art Spratlin at 601.985.4568 or