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Toxic Torts, Asbestos & Silica Litigation

Toxic tort litigation in the United States is constantly evolving, significantly impacting manufacturers and insurers. With plaintiff attorneys continuously identifying new toxic tort liability theories and new defendants in existing toxic torts matters, Butler Snow has developed a strong team of attorneys uniquely positioned and capable of providing highly effective defense strategies to combat these claims.

Since the inception of asbestos and silica litigation, Butler Snow has been involved as defense counsel. From asbestos to silica, dioxin, PCBs, HCL, welding rod and other substances, Butler Snow has successfully tried, defended and administered toxic tort cases across the United States. We represent global manufacturers and suppliers, defending against a multitude of claims including allegations of acute and chronic illnesses, injuries and birth defects resulting from exposure, inhalation and sensitivity claims, and allegations brought under CERCLA.

Successful defense of toxic tort claims necessitates an understanding of scientific and medical evidence, and access to medical and scientific experts who can be relied on to interpret and testify on the intricacies involved in these cases. Our team’s experience and knowledge of the regulatory, medical and scientific issues involved in these cases enables us to effectively handle these complex claims in a cost-effective manner.

We manage and coordinate toxic tort litigation involving individual and consolidated claims, as well as class actions. Our team of attorneys implement ADR settlement procedures to resolve matters in a cost-efficient manner at the earliest stage of the case; however, if the case proceeds to trial, our team has extensive experience in applying effective pre-trial management strategies, and has accumulated a history of impressive trial victories. To efficiently manage the tremendous amount of data in asbestos, silica and toxic tort cases, Butler Snow utilizes up-to-date data management and information-sharing technology.

We assess and advise our clients on proactive risk management strategies, including development and revision of warning and quality assurance systems, engaging in regulatory compliance audits, and implementing record retention programs.

The high satisfaction level among our many asbestos, silica and other toxic tort clients is attributable to our significant successes in defense of these cases. The high regard, trust and confidence our clients place in our toxic tort team is evidenced by existing clients’ continued referrals of new clients to our firm.

In addition, we understand the public relations issues that can make or break these type of cases. Working closely with our Government Relations Group and outside issues management firms, we provide our clients with a comprehensive management plan for educating the public, in addition to winning the case.


  • Tried many cases to verdict that involve a wide range of allegedly toxic chemicals transmitted through various media including rivers and surface waters, underground waters, and air. These trials have involved a wide range in the number of plaintiffs, from a single plaintiff to several hundred plaintiffs, to over 10,000 plaintiffs in a single case.
  • Successfully represented a wide range of companies in silica litigation and asbestos matters during a period when the number of asbestos and silica filings was astronomical, reaching in the tens of thousands for both asbestos and silica.
  • Managed, coordinated and tried class actions, consolidated class actions, and cases before the Multidistrict Litigation Panel in addition to individual plaintiff cases for issues ranging from personal injury to trespass and nuisance.