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Butler Snow Attorneys Author Update to Mississippi Appellate Practice Publication

A group of Butler Snow attorneys has authored the 2021 edition of Mississippi Appellate Practice. Authored by Luther T. Munford, Charles A. Byrd, Kathleen Ingram Carrington, Benjamin M. Watson and former attorney Shadrack T. White, the 2021 edition was published by the Mississippi Legal Institute (MLI).

The Mississippi Appellate Practice was originally published in 1987 when the Mississippi Supreme Court Rules Committee hired Munford as its reporter for the purpose of rewriting the rules that applied to practice in that court. The rules were written to follow as closely as possible the rules that governed practice in the federal courts.  Munford used that work to write the first edition of a treatise which was supplemented until 2010. After he rejoined Butler Snow in 2013, the firm formed a team to continue the process of updating and revising the book as a service to the courts and the bar. In the 2021 edition, the rules have been updated through Oct. 1, 2020.

MLI is selling hard copies of the publication, as well as an eBook, on its website. Click here for more information about the publication. To order a hard copy or an eBook, click here.