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Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Healthcare

With increasingly complex regulatory and policy challenges in the pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare industry, comes the corresponding need for businesses to have at their disposal sound legal guidance and effective counsel to manage ongoing legal exposure and resultant multi-district litigation. Butler Snow’s Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Healthcare Industry team provides clients with a comprehensive, multidisciplinary legal team to minimize legal exposure, litigate through resolution, and handle crisis management. Few firms in the United States have been called upon as often as our firm to serve as local, regional or national counsel in significant pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare cases. Our litigators play leading roles in federal multi-district proceedings and try a broad range of cases, including bellwether cases.

Our attorneys are experienced in responding to regulatory, compliance and policy challenges. Our team of litigators tries cases to verdict in state and federal courts and on appeal in virtually every state and numerous foreign countries. We regularly lead trial teams in some of the most challenging jurisdictions in the country. The firm has significant experience with complex cases involving a broad array of products and medical devices brought by single plaintiffs and more often class actions, involving anywhere from hundreds to thousands of plaintiffs.


We have the expertise in advising and representing clients on business planning, finance, strategic communications and risk and crisis management. Our relationships with the extensive network of experts in relevant fields provide additional resources to enhance our winning team.

With the constant change in the regulatory environment, our attorneys are well versed in navigating the complexities in the laws and pertinent regulations affecting pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare companies. Our firm handles the ever-increasing array of technological, medical and legal challenges facing our clients. From entity formation or change of form, conducting trials, negotiating contracts, handling initial public offerings and private placements of debt and equity securities, dealing with intellectual property concerns, product launch, through to representing clients in actions brought by injured parties or regulatory agencies, our firm has extensive experience in every aspect of this practice area.


Our experience in mass tort cases is extensive. The firm’s litigators and support personnel excel in the efficient management of huge numbers of claims against our medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturer clients.

Our pharmaceutical clients are wide ranging, manufacturing products that include osteoporosis prevention and treatment, cholesterol medication, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, blood thinners, acne medication, hypertension medication, diet drugs, PPA, HRT, birth control, over-the-counter pain relievers, heartburn medication, vaccines for primary immunodeficiency diseases, prescription colitis medication, oral diabetes medication, antipsychotic medication, DPT vaccines and many more. On the medical device side, our team has taken leading roles in litigation involving gynecological mesh, mammary implants, pain pumps, hip replacements, dialyzers, mechanical heart valves and IUDs.