Butler Snow’s Warranty Group is prepared to try warranty cases before a judge, jury or state-mandated mediation/arbitration. However, we are also mindful of your company’s reputation and the value of maintaining good customer relations. To that end, we help our clients find the earliest, best solution based on the specific facts of the legal matter and their broader business interests.

Butler Snow’s Warranty Group has considerable experience representing major automobile manufacturers and dealers, aftermarket product manufacturers and dealers, extended warranty providers, and motorhome manufacturers and dealers. We’re well versed in responding to and defending claims for breach of warranty under both the Uniform Commercial Code and state “lemon laws.” For example, we represent one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the United States in the defense of breach of warranty, lemon law, and Magnuson-Moss Act suits.

Clients who use our firm for products work in various jurisdictions, can also rely on Butler Snow to handle warranty cases in those same jurisdictions. There is no need to incur the additional costs associated with hiring another law firm. We have up-to-date case law knowledge and experience handling warranty claims that arise in the context of other types of claims.

Warranty cases can become complex when multiple parties share in the liability, and even more so when personal injury allegations are claimed from an alleged defective product. As a full-service firm with a culture based on teamwork, we can seamlessly add the specific types of legal expertise needed to effectively defend even the most wide-ranging and legally complex matters.

Recreational Vehicle and Motorhome Specialists

Butler Snow serves as regional and national counsel for several of the top motorhome manufacturers in the United States, and as a result, we have developed a robust niche defending warranty-related cases against recreational vehicle and motorhome manufacturers in jurisdictions throughout the United States.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, Butler Snow attorneys have been extensively involved with numerous issues, such as lemon laws and “over allowance,” which can be used to eliminate negative equity during a trade-in sale. In many states, we helped develop statutes related to these issues and practices. Additionally, members of our Warranty Group often speak at recreational vehicle industry seminars and other events to help educate manufacturers regarding the latest changes to warranty law.

Our extensive history working with recreational vehicle and motorhome manufacturers has resulted in a keen understanding of the industry, which enhances our ability to assess a warranty-related matter and efficiently provide an appropriate response.

Autonomous Cars Expertise

In addition to standard warranty work, Butler Snow attorneys have emerged as thought leaders regarding the evolution of warranty matters and other laws as advancing technology changes the legal landscape. For example, autonomous cars (self-driving) is a looming issue for vehicle and motorhome manufacturers, and our firm’s attorneys are deeply involved with research and presentations that provide early client education regarding pending changes based on this new technology.