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Butler Snow Attorneys to Serve on Panel at the 2018 Bessie Young Council Mentoring Conference

March 19, 2018 | by Butler Snow

Butler Snow is pleased to announce that John C. Henegan and Keishunna R. Webster will serve on panels at the 2018 Bessie Young Council Mentoring Conference at the University of Mississippi School of Law on Friday, March 23.  The event is sponsored by UM Law School.

Henegan will serve on the panel focusing on how to make friends and influence people. This panel will include an examination of the power of networking among peers and community, a review of writing skills and decorum both in brief writing and email communication, how to handle a hostile opponent and a candid discussion of the obstacles women and young attorneys still face in the practice of law, along with ways to overcome those obstacles.

Webster will serve on the panel titled “First Time’s the Charm.” It will include an overview of best practices for first big or little files, how to interview a client, how to establish the terms of your representation, client representation contracts involving best practices, first steps when reviewing an issue, transaction or complaint served, best practices for discovery, fact gathering and due diligence and looking forward to transaction closing, summary judgment, and/or trial.

The mission of the Bessie Young Council Mentoring Conference is to provide learning and networking opportunities for non-traditional law students and young lawyers. Through its annual conference, the council will share the experiences of its member attorneys and others in the field to help foster successful careers for those law students and young lawyers who may encounter unique obstacles along the way.