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Alumni Spotlight: Adam Parker – LSU Honors College

June 8, 2017 | by Butler Snow

Butler Snow’s Adam C. Parker was recently covered in the LSU Honors College’s Alumni Spotlight: Adam Parker about his journey from LSU to becoming an attorney at Butler Snow.  Below is an excerpt from Adam’s spotlight:

Ogden Honors alumnus Adam Parker had been in North Carolina for nine years when he got the opportunity to return to his hometown. Butler Snow LLP invited him to join their practice, and the Baton Rouge native couldn’t pass it up.

“I was born in Baton Rouge and I am in love with this place. North Carolina remains special to me as well, but I always pined for Louisiana in my heart,” Parker said.  “I’d watch LSU sports from afar and think about how I needed to get home.”

In August 2015, Parker and his wife Kristen did just that, coming home to Baton Rouge. While Parker was happy personally and professionally in North Carolina, he was thrilled to be back in the same city as his alma mater and to work at Butler Snow. “I’m incredibly fortunate. I work with fantastic people, in a fantastic place, on fantastic projects,” he said. Since joining Butler Snow, Parker has worked on over $500 million in public finance transactions across several states. “Each deal is a challenge and has its own quirks. There’s a lot of backwards planning, diligence, and research required to get a deal done.”

To read more of Adam C. Parker‘s spotlight in its entirety, please visit the link below:

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