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Butler Snow Named a Top Law Firm for Client Service by BTI

BTI Consulting has named Butler Snow to its 2021 Client Service A-Team, including listing the firm on its list of the top 70 firms that improved client service year over year at twice the rate of other firms.

The BTI Client Service A-Team is the only law firm ranking based solely on feedback from corporate counsel across more than 15 industry segments. In-depth interviews with 350 corporate counsel revealed the firm’s client service is in the top 25% of the law firms serving the world’s largest clients. Firms were rated based on a range of activities, and Butler Snow was specifically recognized for providing value, having a quality product, keeping clients informed, advising on business issues, unprompted communications and anticipating client needs, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Butler Snow has been previously recognized as one of the nation’s top law firms for client service by BTI Consulting, as the firm was ranked 48th out of 650 firms in the BTI Client Relationship Scorecard for understanding client business, anticipating client needs, unprompted communication, legal skills, quality and keeping clients informed.