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Louisiana Governor Issues Statewide Stay At Home Order; Medicine and Non-Elective Medical Care and Treatment May Still Be Obtained

On March 22, in continued response to the public health emergency that he declared on March 11, and due to the “critical shortages of healthcare equipment, personal protective equipment, and possible shortages in hospital beds,” that have been or may be caused throughout Louisiana by the novel coronavirus, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards issued a statewide stay at home order effective from March 23, at 5 pm, through April 13, unless earlier terminated.  The proclamation further provides that “without additional measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the state, health care facilities in parts of the state or even throughout the state are at significant risk of being overwhelmed,” and instructs all individuals within the state of Louisiana to stay home unless performing an essential activity, which includes, among other activities (such as obtaining food and going to and from the home of a family member), obtaining medicine and “non-elective medical care and treatment and other similar vital services for an individual or a family member of the individual.”