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The Autonomous Vehicle Revolution Expands to Trucks

The race is on for the mass rollout of self- driving, autonomous vehicles (AVs). Google (now Waymo) and Nissan hope to get there by 2020. Ford and Volvo hope to have a fully autonomous vehicle on the road by 2021. You have probably begun to take more than a passing glimpse at the seemingly daily news articles about AV technology. The reality is that the technology is here (subject only to being fine-tuned), but the current federal and state regulatory schemes (or lack of them) are causing confusion and delays. In other words, our existing automobile laws are becoming more outdated day-by-day as AV technology continues to advance, and these outdated laws are creating barriers to the development, testing, and deployment of AVs.


To download “The Autonomous Vehicle Revolution Expands to Trucks” by Butler Snow’s Arthur D. Spratlin, Jr., please click the link here to view it as a pdf.  This article was first published in the DRI.