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Our Singapore office is part of Butler Snow’s US Tax and Wealth Planning group focused on serving clients in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC). Our group is comprised of two teams. First, our Private Client Services Team advises on US transfer taxes (i.e., US gift and estate tax) and US income tax for high net-worth families, including:

  • Grantor trust planning
  • Sophisticated estate planning
  • IRS disclosure for non-compliant taxpayers
  • US real estate investments
  • FATCA and CRS compliance requirements
  • Renunciation of US immigration status

Second, our International Tax Team advises on US income taxes for corporations, funds (e.g., private equity and venture capital funds), investors, and multinational companies, including:

  • US tax planning and structuring
  • Drafting and negotiating Limited Partnership Agreements (LPA), Private Placement Memos (PPM), and side letters
  • Outbound issues such as the Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) and Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC) rules
  • Inbound issues such as FIRPTA, US trade or business (commonly known as US Tax Nexus), withholding tax rules, and portfolio interest exemption
  • Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) analysis

Some of our representative clients are:

  • Numerous families listed in Forbes World’s Wealthiest Families
  • World-renowned artists, athletes, and entertainers
  • Publicly-traded companies on the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchange
  • Start-up companies in the semiconductor and crypto space
  • C-suite executives of Fortune 500 companies

Lastly, our Singapore office has the following language capabilities:

  • Mandarin
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Cantonese

我们的新加坡办事处隶属于Butler Snow的美国税务与财富规划业务部,专注于为亚太地区的客户提供专业服务。我们的团队由两个部门组成。首先,私人客户服务团队为高净值家庭提供美国转让税(即美国赠与税和遗产税)和美国个人所得税方面的咨询,服务范畴包括:

  • 委托人信托规划;
  • 精心设计的遗产规划;
  • 帮助非合规纳税人履行美国国税局要求的披露义务;
  • 美国房地产投资;
  • FATCA(海外账户税务合规法案)和CRS(共同申报准则)合规要求;以及
  • 弃籍税务筹划


  • 美国税务规划和架构;
  • 起草和商议有限合伙协议(LPA)、私募备忘录(PPM)和附加文件;
  • 美国境外投资问题,例如被动外国投资公司(PFIC)和受控外国公司(CFC);
  • 赴美投资问题,例如外国人投资房地产税法(FIRPTA), 投资者在美国的贸易商业活动(通常称为美国税务关联),预扣税规则和投资组合利息豁免;以及
  • 合格小企业股票豁免(QSBS)分析。


  • 众多福布斯富豪榜上榜家族;
  • 全球知名艺术家、运动员和艺人;
  • 香港交易所和上海证券交易所上市的公司;
  • 半导体和加密领域的初创公司;以及
  • 世界500强公司高管。


  • 普通话;
  • 韩语;
  • 日语;以及
  • 粤语。

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6 Battery Road, #26-04 Singapore 049909