The world has witnessed the recent events unfolding from the senseless and outrageous deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.  These tragedies are among the latest in a long history of racism and inequality that has devastated Black communities for far too long. The circumstances and conduct surrounding their deaths have exposed the wounds of a centuries long struggle with racism and hatred in this country. This is one we have not gotten right throughout our history; it is one enemy our collective will has never risen to the occasion to defeat.

At Butler Snow, we will use our collective and individual voices to speak out on issues of racism, bigotry, inequality and injustice. We commit to listening more closely and to understanding with greater clarity.  We commit to pursue the change we want—and need—to see in this world.

Butler Snow strives to be a champion of diversity and inclusion. Today, we are recommitting to those ideals reflected in this article by our partner, Orlando R. Richmond, Sr. We will back up these ideals with our actions and press further. We will commit to becoming a model for change within our firm and beyond, beginning with improving the recruitment, retention and development of diverse candidates in our firm.

Today presents a new opportunity to right the wrongs of our past. It will take our collective efforts to defeat racism. Butler Snow invites you to join with us in this exceedingly worthwhile cause.