Drug and Device Litigation

The pharmaceutical and medical device industries face difficult challenges on a daily basis—an unpredictable economy, lawsuits involving hundreds or thousands of claimants, regulatory challenges, and investigations to name a few.  Few law firms in the United States are called upon as often as Butler Snow to serve as local, regional or national counsel in drug and medical device litigated matters and to help our clients navigate these challenges.

Leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies trust Butler Snow with their legal needs based upon our successful outcomes in the courtroom and in all phases of litigation, coupled with our focus on client satisfaction. Our Drug & Device Litigation team has taken leading roles in pharmaceutical litigation involving a prescription osteoporosis prevention and treatment drug, treatment for male pattern baldness, prescription cholesterol medication, prescription anti-inflammatory, prescription anti-biotic, prescription blood thinner, prescription acne medication, prescription hypertension medication, diet drugs, PPA, HRT, birth control, over the counter pain relievers, prescription heartburn medication, vaccines for primary immunodeficiency diseases, prescription colitis medication, oral diabetes medication, antipsychotic medication, DPT vaccines, influenza vaccines and prescription painkillers.  On the medical device side, our team has taken leading roles in litigation involving gynecological mesh, mammary implants, pain pumps, hip replacements, dialyzers, mechanical heart valves and IUDs.

Trial Experience

Butler Snow attorneys frequently try major pharmaceutical and medical device cases to verdict, defending matters in virtually every state and numerous foreign countries. We are regularly called upon to lead trial teams in some of the most challenging jurisdictions nationwide.

Multi-District Litigation Experience

Our pharmaceutical and medical device litigators play principal roles in federal MDL proceedings and serve as national counsel in several MDLs involving both pharmaceutical products and medical devices, all of which involve hundreds of claimants and in one instance, thousands.  We often try MDL bellwether cases, serving as lead counsel in and chairing the first trials in the MDL.

Mass tort Experience

In addition to our MDL experience, Butler Snow attorneys are also national and trial counsel for clients involving several different products in a multitude of cases throughout the country.  Our team manages and defends a massive number of product liability claims against many product manufacturers, with a significant number of these claims involving pharmaceuticals or medical devices. We have deposed thousands of litigants and healthcare providers, created and maintained a multitude of databases, and negotiated and managed numerous mass settlements, surpassing the expectations of clients in a cost-effective and efficient manner.  Both our litigators and support personnel excel in the efficient management of these large number claims, and understand the importance of preparation and consistency in handling this type of litigation.  As a preferred provider to pharmaceutical and medical device industry clients, we were integrally involved in making new case law by effectively disposing of thousands of cases, thereby ensuring fair trial venues for our clients.  Our experience, at the forefront of this type litigation, is invaluable for companies within these industries.

Value Added

Members of the firm’s Drug & Device Litigation team include registered nurses, a PhD and an attorney/medical doctor who has worked extensively with experts.  These additional team members bolster our ability to completely comprehend regulations affecting pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biologicals, as well as Medicare, Medicaid and healthcare. Our Drug & Device Team publishes a quarterly newsletter, ProTe: Solutio, for our clients containing articles focusing on the latest news and information affecting pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.  We also offer secundments to clients, allowing our team and yours additional opportunities to collaborate.