Business Torts and Unfair Competition

Responsive representation with a goal-oriented focus

Butler Snow’s Business Torts & Unfair Competition Practice (BTUC) Group regularly counsels clients on matters that profoundly affect their competitiveness and livelihood. As a result, the BTUC Group is constantly evolving—as the law evolves—to maintain a thought-leadership role in this important area of the law.

BTUC team members regularly monitor, and frequently lecture on, innovative concepts regarding a wide variety of business tort matters. For instance, our lawyers have been on the forefront of taking command of the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 and promptly advising clients regarding its advantages and ramifications. Our team members regularly publish articles and blog posts addressing significant developments influencing our clients’ business interests. This practice ensures that the BTUC team stays on the cutting-edge of this essential area of the law.

Our team members also stay abreast of technological advances, which enables our clients to have the best possible representation at a reasonable expense. We are very knowledgeable on applicable e-discovery rules, which can significantly impact litigation. We also have established working relationships with a network of third-party vendors, who are experts at investigating and establishing trade secret violations, foul play by departing employees or any other business-tort related matter.

Our clients include a cross-section of industries, including financial services, healthcare, real estate and technology companies. Our BTUC team regularly represents clients to:

  • Obtain injunctive relief to protect trade secrets and goodwill
  • Enforce restrictive covenants
  • Prosecute and defend trademarks, patents and copyright infringements
  • Prosecute and defend fiduciary duty claims
  • Protect against trade libel/product disparagement
  • Address corporate raiding matters
  • Prosecute consumer protection and deceptive trade practices actions
  • Stop tortious interference with our clients’ existing and prospective business relationships

Our commitment to you—extraordinary responsiveness, effective communication

The BTUC team’s dynamic, cross-disciplinary approach draws on the experience of lawyers from our firm’s commercial litigation, labor and employment, and intellectual property practice groups, as well as various other groups depending on clients’ specific needs and industry affiliation. Additionally, many of our lawyers bring experience and perspective from previous roles, including past employment with various governmental agencies that regulate corporate law.

Our ability to readily rely upon our colleagues’ wealth of talents allows us to provide a multifaceted approach to your case and to respond with the speed and thoroughness required for any given situation. Injunctive relief, misappropriated clients lists and improper contact with clients by former employees are just some of the matters that can require immediate action. When the stakes are high and every second counts, our proven experience can make the difference in these fast-moving proceedings.

While we work to be highly responsive to unfolding events, we also recognize that keeping you fully informed is an important part of the litigation/dispute resolution process. Accordingly, we consistently work to ensure that you are always fully informed and that there are no surprises during the litigation/dispute resolution process.

Our commitment to you—aggressive defense

Our initial goal is to help you take proactive actions aimed at avoiding litigation, arbitration or other disputes. To that end, we take a goal-oriented approach to your business matters. We strive to understand your priorities, your strategies and your key business goals. Then, it becomes our priority to get you there.

At times, litigation becomes inevitable. In those instances, we understand the significant bottom-line impact—often a bet-the-company impact—that litigation can present. Zealous, aggressive representation is in order and we stand ready to meet that challenge.

Often, we make strategic recommendations to our clients both from a business and legal perspective. Based upon our track record of successes—coupled with our client-first mentality and our teamwork approach—we are able to make confident, innovative recommendations that usually lead to favorable results.

Our commitment to you—maximize results, minimize expense

We understand that value matters. While maximum responsiveness to your business matters is always our priority, we also keep a close eye on value. We routinely work across disciplines to find the right, most cost-effective solutions to your legal matters. Using a teamwork approach, we put your work in the right hands, such as proper distribution between different practice groups, partners, associates and paralegals, to help ensure that even your most complex matters are handled with an eye toward providing maximum value, along with successful results.