Proficiency, responsiveness and common sense

Butler Snow’s energy team is known for assembling just the right talented specialists for your company’s specific business needs—and deftly adjusting that team as your needs change.

While we have experience working with clients of all sizes—from very large energy companies to individuals who need help with royalty matters—we have developed particularly strong proficiencies working with small- and mid-sized companies at a regional level.

Our energy team routinely works with clients on pipeline projects, plant construction and finance, and midstream gathering/processing contracts. We also do customized work for large energy companies with operations located throughout the country—particularly handling local and regional matters, where we have established ties and a solid reputation.

We are familiar with, and continuously monitor, the rapidly changing energy landscape at the state level, and we fully understand the specific characteristics of the court systems in several states within our footprint, including New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming, Colorado and the southern United States. This focused local knowledge combined with nationally recognized specialists delivers a distinctive set of resources for our energy clients that few firms can provide.

Corporate Experience

We routinely provide services ranging from licensing, remediation and joint ventures to mergers and acquisitions, project finance and development, and tax incentives. The areas we counsel include, but are not limited to:

  • Pipelines
  • Electric generation
  • Eminent domain
  • Renewable energy projects, such as solar and wind
  • Gas processing
  • Permitting and regulatory compliance work before state oil & gas regulatory agencies
  • Finance/tax incentives
  • Industrial revenue bonds, including sales-tax exemptions
  • Property tax abatements
  • New market tax credits
  • Creative project financing
  • Section 29 unconventional gas production credits

Litigation Experience

Our trial lawyers have established regional and national reputations as leaders in energy law litigation matters. Members of our team serve as lead counsel for gas contract cases, often involving tens of millions of dollars, as well as right-of-way disputes for pipeline clients. Our firm also represents clients in explosions, well blowouts and other incidents, as well as defending personal injury suits involving leaks, infrastructure collapses, flash fires and construction defects. A sampling of the cases we handle include:

  • Midstream strategies and contract negotiations
  • Gas royalty disputes
  • Right-of-way condemnation proceedings and disputes
  • Trespass and breach of contract disputes
  • Personal injury/premises liability
  • State and federal royalty compliance

Entrepreneurial approach—keeping the big picture in mind

We have a far deeper bench and a broader footprint than typical boutique energy firms, which allows us to resolve client matters across the legal spectrum. We also provide full senior-level attention to our individual, small- and mid-sized clients, which is often not possible at large law firms.

At every level, we embrace our clients’ entrepreneurial spirit—rolling up our own sleeves to help accomplish their goals in creative and cost-effective ways.

Seamless collaboration—one-stop confidence

Across offices, across practice specialties—our team provides solutions that are backed by the expertise and talents of our attorneys in every office. When you need a legal service, even if that service is not normally associated with energy law, we can provide an expert to efficiently and effectively handle your matter.

This one-stop synergy helps us save you money and time. You can confidently expect us to deliver the right people, at the right time, in the right place across the spectrum of legal services.