Butler Snow is committed to providing results as efficiently as possible, but we know that means more than just hiring the best and brightest attorneys. Supported by Legal Project Management (LPM) resources, all employees of the firm participate in continuous process improvement.  Results of our efforts help drive value for the client.

The Special Projects Team serves as the firm’s dedicated resource for these LPM initiatives with the purpose of supporting business operations and practice groups in our efforts to deliver value to you beyond our billing rate. Drawing from LEAN Six Sigma methodologies, the Special Projects Team works hand-in-hand with team members to map processes and identify non-value activities along with areas of high variation. This team also provides resources to support all facets of innovation from identifying team needs to delivering the solution.  In conjunction, we ensure technology-driven projects are in compliance with our Knowledge Management strategic initiatives and policies.

When requested, the Special Projects Team performs various support functions from assisting attorneys with budgets and resource allocation to establishing systems and best practices in marketing.  The Team collaborates and works closely with our Strategic Pricing and Analysis group to help define and shape, among other things, alternative fee structures. The result is an ongoing effort to improve processes and how we deliver results for you.