Butler Snow is a pioneer in the use of alternative fee arrangements to help clients cope effectively with ever-increasing pressures to contain legal costs. For years, we have employed AFAs to align the firm’s interests with clients’ business and financial interests.

A basic principle of a successful AFA is the cost certainty or budget predictability. The firm’s unique culture and philosophy allows us to staff matters with the most appropriate attorney or team of attorneys best qualified for the particular legal issue. Butler Snow’s culture and compensation structure promotes teamwork, efficiency and internal cooperation—not competition—and reinforces client service excellence.

Approximately 40% of Butler Snow fees are derived through arrangements other than the billable hour. In fact, Butler Snow has been highlighted by AmLaw Daily and Law.com as a pioneer for exploring and developing alternative fee arrangements for clients.

We work with each client to tailor an AFA that meets their business and financial goals. Models vary based on client needs and can include one or a combination of several structures outlined below:

  • Fees charged by stage/phase of litigation or project
  • Fees charged in relation to amount in controversy
  • Fixed fees
  • Bonus or incentive fee-based plans
  • Blended hourly rates
  • Volume and tiered discounts
  • Risk sharing
  • Outcome-dependent percentages