About the ACC Value Challenge

At Butler Snow, we elevate our practice of law by providing real value to our clients. For decades, we have offered fee structures beyond those of the traditional billable hour. We also communicate regularly with clients to understand their corporate and legal needs then tailor solutions and innovative approaches. We provide efficiency, predictability and value in the delivery of our services. Butler Snow is a strong proponent of goals of The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) and the ACC Value Challenge, which provides a new foundation for client relationships. The ACC Value Challenge serves to reconnect legal costs to their actual value. Many traditional law firm business models and approaches to lawyer training and cost management do not produce what clients need: high-quality legal services that deliver solutions at a reasonable cost.

Legal departments must better manage inside and outside legal spending—with focus on results and value. Firms that live up to their challenges reap the rewards with profitable, long-term relationships

The ACC Value Challenge reconnects value and costs for legal services by:

  • Promoting a dialogue in the legal profession (corporate counsel, law firms, law schools and others) to drive alignment and focus on value
  • Developing practices and metrics that corporate counsel can use to assess the strengths and weaknesses of law firm vendors
  • Creating tools that in-house counsel and firms can share to drive change in the performance of value-based legal services
  • Enhancing awareness and sharing success stories

About the ACC

The ACC is the world’s largest organization serving the interests of in-house attorneys around the globe. The ACC’s membership is more than 30,000 counsel employed by more than 10,000 organizations in 75 countries.