Butler Snow hosts Summer Associate Programs in our Atlanta, Austin, Birmingham, Charleston, Ridgeland, Memphis and Nashville offices. The six-week program occurs during the first half of the summer.

Goals of our summer program include:

  • Work assignments, drawn from all areas of our diverse practice and coordinated through the Summer Associate Committee.
  • Opportunities to request assignments involving a particular attorney. While some may choose to concentrate in a particular practice area, most work in several different practice areas throughout the firm.
  • Assignments involving a wide range of tasks, including: preparing research memoranda; drafting briefs or pleadings; deposition or trial prep and drafting or interpreting contracts, opinion letters and other documents.
  • Offering “real world” experience by allowing Summer Associates to attend depositions, trials, closings, meetings and judicial proceedings.
  • Opportunities to grow and learn through constructive evaluations during informal sessions with the assigning attorney.
  • Assignment of an attorney mentor who is encouraged to lend guidance and support and to critique work upon request.
  • A variety of social activities to help students become better acquainted with the firm’s lawyers, including informal dinner parties in attorneys’ homes, receptions, impromptu gatherings and other events throughout the summer.

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