Our standard for professionalism and service to clients is high, as are our expectations when considering candidates. Butler Snow looks for excellence and strength of mind, but we also seek well-rounded individuals who have interests beyond a commitment to the law.

New Attorneys.  The firm’s Recruiting Committee is tasked with considering candidates for summer associate and full-time associate positions. In reviewing applications and interviewing candidates, our firm:

  • Typically requires that applicants be in the top 10% of their class.
  • Prefers that applicants be members of a predominant law journal or Moot Court at their schools.
  • Seeks applicants with demonstrated skills in judgment and reasoning, communication (writing and speaking) and personal relations. These skills may be reflected by a person’s academic performance as well as involvement in extracurricular interests and activities.

Overall, Butler Snow seeks candidates with the ability, judgment, personality, energy, commitment and sense of humor to develop into wise counselors, effective advocates and valued colleagues.  Click here to submit your resume or learn more about the firm’s Summer Program.

Experienced Attorneys.  Although Butler Snow recruits through our Law School Recruiting Program, we seek lateral hires to fill specific needs. Qualified lateral attorneys help us broaden and deepen the scope of our practice and maintain our commitment to client service excellence. We are interested in talented attorneys with backgrounds that enhance our abilities, who share our values and philosophy and can quickly become full members of our team. Above all, because the quality of the Butler Snow team is our greatest asset, we look for judgment, character and proven ability in our lateral hires. Please submit your resume and credentials here for consideration.

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