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The Texas Appellate Law Podcast, proudly presented by Butler Snow LLP, covers topics of interest to lawyers handling appellate matters in Texas courts and beyond. The podcast demystifies appellate law and pulls back the curtain on the appellate system through conversations with judges, court staff, and top trial and appellate practitioners. Listeners discover best practices and tips for successfully presenting their cases, managing their dockets, and promoting efficiency through legal technology. Transcripts of each episode are available.

Hosted by D. Todd Smith and Jody Sanders.

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This week, Todd Smith and Jody Sanders welcome back Jerry Bullard, an attorney at Adams, Lynch & Loftin, PC, for a rundown on new statutes from the Texas Legislature’s regular and special sessions that affect trial and appellate practitioners. In this episode, you’ll receive updates on bills concerning business organizations, healthcare for medical workers during the COVID pandemic, and more. The discussion includes revisions to Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code Section 38.001, which

Most appellate practitioners deal with direct appeals from trial court rulings. But criminal practitioners know that direct appeals are only part of the process. At the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, writ practice takes up a large portion of the docket. Todd Smith and Jody Sanders sit down with an expert on writ practice, Michael Falkenberg, Supervising Attorney at the Court of Criminal Appeals. Michael overviews the types of writs the Court considers and how

Over the last several decades, appellate practice has transitioned from a part of general legal practice into its own discrete specialty. Luther T. Munford, an attorney in Butler Snow LLP’s appellate and written advocacy group, has been a part of that specialization and has directly influenced its development over the last 40 years, including a term as the President of the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers. From clerkships on the Fifth Circuit and the US

In this week’s episode, co-hosts D. Todd Smith and Jody Sanders visit about ways in which the podcast has helped them engage with other media, including hosting Twitter Spaces with previous guests, appearances on other podcasts, and interviews for online publications. They also discuss their upcoming live oral arguments and try out a “mailbag” segment by answering a question posed over Twitter.

As technology improves, it opens new opportunities to change the way attorneys practice. From rethinking roles, tasks, and strategies to providing assistance in ways we’ve never contemplated, each year brings new opportunities for change. In this episode, Todd Smith and Jody Sanders talk to one of the people leading the technological revolution in law, Jake Heller, co-founder and CEO of Casetext. Jake explains his background in technology and law and how it led him and

For more than a century, oil and gas has remained the backbone of Texas’s economic growth. Despite repeated rumors that oil and gas is on the way out as an energy source, the industry continues to adapt and grow to meet new economic and technological developments. As a result, disputes over oil and gas remain an important part of Texas jurisprudence, something that today’s guest, Wesley Lloyd of Freeman Mills, PC, follows closely. Wesley’s practice focuses