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The Texas Appellate Law Podcast, proudly presented by Butler Snow LLP, covers topics of interest to lawyers handling appellate matters in Texas courts and beyond. The podcast demystifies appellate law and pulls back the curtain on the appellate system through conversations with judges, court staff, and top trial and appellate practitioners. Listeners discover best practices and tips for successfully presenting their cases, managing their dockets, and promoting efficiency through legal technology. Transcripts of each episode are available.

Hosted by D. Todd Smith and Jody Sanders.

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Any serious Texas Supreme Court follower knows that the Court isn’t the only institution in that courthouse. Osler McCarthy, the Court’s staff attorney for public information, is another one. Many court watchers wait eagerly on Friday mornings for Osler’s order summary email before reading the Court’s opinions for themselves. But, that position did not even exist before Osler took it on and shaped it into what it is today. In this week’s

People often don’t realize the many nuances involved in criminal appeals. Direct appeals are only part of the process. Later writ applications can raise various issues, including ineffective assistance of counsel. This week, Judge Bert Richardson of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals joins Todd Smith and Jody Sanders to talk about the many different paths criminal appeals and writs can take. Judge Richardson also discusses his role on Texas’s highest criminal court, the

  COVID-19 created both challenges and solutions for courts and legal practitioners. Fortunately, many states, like Michigan, adapted quickly and were able to provide legal access throughout the pandemic. This week, Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bridget McCormack joins Jody Sanders and Todd Smith to discuss her state‘s response and the tremendous opportunities for increasing access to justice that the pandemic provided. Chief Justice McCormack details the impact that technology can have on court

Most legal writers know about Ross Guberman, author and founder of Legal Writing Pro. Ross was one of the first legal writing instructors to work with law firms and practitioners across the country. Ross also developed BriefCatch, a software solution that helps legal writers make their briefs and motions better. In this week’s episode, Ross talks with Todd Smith and Jody Sanders about his teaching, his books on legal and judicial

As a practitioner, federal magistrate, and now Tenth Circuit judge, Judge Robert Bacharach has seen many different types of legal writing. Recognizing that legal writing can always improve, he studied both historical writing and oratory alongside the science of psycholinguistics and found a new way to help legal writers better their craft. In this week’s episode, Judge Bacharach joins Jody Sanders and Todd Smith to share the ideas he compiled in his book,

The inner workings of courts of appeals are sometimes hard to understand from the outside. Staff attorneys play a critical role in screening cases, assisting the justices, and helping the court handle its workload. This week, Todd Smith and Jody Sanders get an inside look at that process from their guest, the El Paso Court of Appeals’ Chief Staff Attorney, Kirk Cooper. Kirk gives an insider’s view of how the