Firm Chairman

Donald Clark, Jr.


Firm Chair-Elect

Christopher R. Maddux

Executive Committee

James E. Bailey, III
Tommie S. Cardin
Donald Clark, Jr., Chair
Tray Hairston
Michael B. Hewes
Russell L. Irby
Angie Godwin McEwen
Kara E. Shea
Benjamin M. Watson
Thomas E. Williams, Firm General Counsel

Legal & Consulting Services

R. Barry Cannada, Vice-Chair

Business Department

Paula Proctor Daniel, Chair

Business Services Group

John J. Healy, III, Practice Group Leader

regulatory and Government Relations GROUP

Melvin J. Malone, Practice Group Leader

Public Finance, Tax Incentives and Credit Markets Group

Thad W. Varner, Practice Group Leader

Finance, Real Estate and Restructuring Group

Gregg C. GumbertPractice Group Leader

Health Law Group

Mark W. GarrigaPractice Group Leader
Ann E. LundyAssistant Practice Group Leader

Litigation Department

P. Ryan Beckett, Chair
Daniel W. Van Horn, Vice Chair

Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Healthcare Group

Alyson Bustamante Jones, Practice Group Leader

Product liability, Toxic Tort and Environmental Litigation GROUP

Fred E. (Trey) Bourn, III, Practice Group Leader

Commercial Litigation Group

Edward L. Stanton IIIPractice Group Leader
Kevin C. Baltz, Assistant Practice Group Leader

Tort, Transportation & Specialized Litigation

Arthur D. Spratlin, Jr.Practice Group Leader

Labor and Employment Group

David L. JohnsonPractice Group Leader

Firm General Counsel

Thomas E. Williams

Pro bono COUNSEL

Patricia Gandy

Chief Operating Officer

Rance Sapen

Chief financial officer

Mandy M. Pope

Chief Marketing Officer

Sherry Vance Allen

Chief Technology Officer

Kevin Rutledge

Chief Human Resources officer

Susan Egger

Director of Facilities and Operations

Tommy Murphy

Director of Practice Management

Thomas A. Agostinelli

Director of Strategic Pricing and Analysis

Brad Antici

Director of Professional Development

Estelle Winsett

Office Administrators

Martha Blalock Smith (Birmingham)
Dana Harr (Denver)
Betty Jordan (Memphis)
Juliet Lim (Singapore)
Stacey McGoldrick (Nashville)
Elizabeth O. Walker (Austin)