Trial preparation can be overwhelming. When ramping up to present your case factually, taking the time to address legal issues that may crop up on appeal is tough. I help trial lawyers boost their confidence and lower their stress by handling those legal issues before, during, and after trial.

After law school, I spent two years clerking with the Texas Supreme Court and nine more practicing in the litigation and appellate groups at a large international firm. I then went out on my own and spent the next fifteen years in the trenches. Now, at Butler Snow LLP, I combine small-firm agility with big-firm resources to help trial lawyers achieve the best possible results for their clients.

I’m an early adopter who enjoys doing things differently. Shortly after hanging my own shingle, I started the first blog dedicated to Texas appellate practice and taught myself how to become more efficient through legal technology. More recently, I created a podcast that demystifies appellate law and pulls back the curtain on the appellate system through conversations with judges, court staff, and trial and appellate practitioners. These technological labors of love have expanded my network, broadened my perspective, and enhanced the skills I apply to my craft.

Briefing and arguing cases on appeal is an important component of any appellate practice. But the foundation for a successful appeal is often laid (or dismantled) long before then. That’s why I focus on helping trial lawyers avoid appellate pitfalls from the earliest stages of litigation.