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Pro Te: Solutio – Vol. 11, No. 3

In this issue of Pro Te (Volume 11, No.3), we examine three important topics that are sure to capture your interest.

The Supreme Court’s Bristol-Meyers Squibb decision was met with no small amount of (completely justified) joy from the defense bar. In Bristol-Meyers Squibb One Year Later, we examine the aftermath of BMS, including how some courts are seeking to stretch the outer-most limits of BMS to find personal jurisdiction.

Cosmetics-based lawsuits are on the rise across the country. In An Oddity: Approval and Regulatory Authority Over Cosmetics, we contemplate the sometimes blurry line between cosmetics and drugs, including regulatory and safety considerations.

Caps on damages and the application of the collateral source rule vary wildly from state to state. In Sky’s the Limit? A 50-State Survey of Damages Caps and the Collateral Source Rule, we analyze those differences to provide a comprehensive overview.