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Pro Te: Solutio – Summer 2017

Every summer vacation (or, at least, the ability to take the weekend off!) should include a good read. Whether your preference runs toward a memoir with words of wisdom, a review of new technical advancements, issues of strategy, or good-ol’ law school basics, we hope that this issue of Pro Te offers a little something for everyone. In The Three C’s, we gain perspective from a seasoned trial lawyer who has lived in the trenches (and lived to tell about it). His thoughts about three keys to success in the practice of law—Clarity, Credibility, and Conviction—are good touchstones for all lawyers.

For those who tend toward tech topics, you may know that crowdfunding is all the rage on social media. Applied to our “day jobs,” this issue is finding a place in the pharmaceutical arena. In Open Source and Crowdsourced Models in Pharmaceutical Development, we look at how such models are being used to positively impact drug and medical treatment advances.

If you like strategy, or would just appreciate some insight on a frequently challenging issue in litigation, check out Physician Depositions: Who Goes First? This article explores general rules regarding priority in depositions, court orders regarding the same, and why it matters in your litigation.

Finally, for those who are not afraid to admit that Civ Pro was a favorite class, our final article may harken you back to the days of late nights pouring over International Shoe. Even if civil procedure is not your “thing,” you’d have to have spent your summer vacation on a deserted island to not know that the United States Supreme Court issued a trio of decisions on personal jurisdiction this past term. In New and Noteworthy, we give you the overview of these important decisions that will impact where and how pharmaceutical litigation proceeds in the future.

Happy reading!


Download Entire Issue: Pro Te Solutio Summer 2017, Vol. 10, No. 3

Individual articles:

The Three C’s – Pro Te: Solutio Summer 2017, by William M. Gage

Open Source and Crowdsourced Models in Pharmaceutical Development – Pro Te: Solutio Summer 2017, by Cara R. Baer

Physician Depositions: Who Goes First? – Pro Te: Solutio Summer 2017, by Alyson Bustamante Jones and Andrew D. Tharp

New and Noteworthy – Pro Te: Solutio Summer 2017, by Susanna M. Moldoveanu