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Pro Te: Solutio – Winter 2017

The Winter 2017 issue of Pro Te focuses on experts, the use of and standards for admission of scientific evidence at trial, and the effect of scientific studies on issues for trial.

The Science of Storytelling in the Storytelling of Science explores how to tell a successful story when dealing with complex issues in science. This article addresses considerations for making the most of your scientific data when presenting dense, complicated material to a judge or jury.

The impact of epidemiological studies is the issue in Epidemiology and the NFL Collide. This article digests how scientific studies, even when the studies are not conclusive, can affect litigation by analyzing the effect of such studies in the NFL concussion litigation. Control of expert testimony via a court’s gatekeeping duties—and the frustrating lack of consistency among gatekeepers—are pondered in Daubert and Frye and Anything Goes, Oh My! Is a universal standard applying the Daubert factors a better approach or does the standard even make a difference?

As experts drive so many issues in pharmaceutical litigation, we hope that this issue is interesting, topical and informative.


Individual articles:

The Science of Storytelling in the Storytelling of Science – Pro Te: Solutio Winter 2017, by David M. Cohen

Epidemiology and the NFL Collide – Pro Te: Solutio Winter 2017, by Joshua A. Hilland Chad R. Hutchinson

Daubert and Frye and Anything Goes, Oh My! – Pro Te: Solutio Winter 2017, by Kasey M. Adams and Donna Brown Jacobs