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Kara Shea, Attorney with Nashville’s Butler Snow, to Lead Employers’ Overtime Seminar June 21

New seminar addresses HR’s compliance challenges in light of FLSA regulations making millions of employees newly eligible for overtime

Kara E. Shea, an attorney with the Nashville office of the law firm Butler Snow and head of the firm’s Labor and Employment Group, will present a half-day workshop for Human Resources professionals and employers on Tuesday morning, June 21 at the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs. She will provide guidance for complying with the U.S. Labor Department’s new rules on who is and who isn’t eligible for overtime.

“These new wage & hour regulations increase the number of employees who are eligible for overtime pay, and they increase the minimum salary that white collar employees have to earn before time and a half kicks in, among a host of other changes,” says Shea. “This is the biggest change to payroll rules in over 10 years and employers are scrambling to adjust.”

The workshop will address how to know if exempt positions will pass or fail the DOL’s misclassification test, how to apply the overtime white-collar exemption requirements, types of jobs that are now at high risk for misclassification, and how to audit policies and classifications to tell if they will pass muster.

Employers interested in attending this event should register with Brentwood-based BLR, the event sponsor, either online or by calling 800-274-6774.