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Support the Tax-Exemption for Municipal Bonds

Please ask your Congressmen to join the bipartisan House Municipal Finance Caucus. Why? What is this caucus? This caucus provides support for the federal tax-exemption for municipal bonds by directly opposing the President’s cap of tax-exemption at the 28 percent bracket. The two Congressmen who established this caucus are Randy Hultgren (R-IL) and Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD). Your Congressmen need to join because this caucus will help support the building of important infrastructure needed in your areas, and having this tax-exemption will allow more projects to come to fruition.

How to get your Congressmen to join? You have to ask them. Congressmen hear from their constituents on important matters, and this tax-exemption is important. Your congressmen need to know that this caucus can help area build the infrastructure you need to support and help your community grow. Contact your Congressmen and have them contact Randy Hultgren or Dutch Ruppersberger to join.

You may want to use the following link to find contact information for your Congressional representatives: