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Successful Handling of the Preclearance Submissions for 2012 Miss. Senate and House of Representatives

, Butler Snow successfully handled the preclearance submissions for the 2012 Mississippi Senate and House of Representatives redistricting plans before the United States Department of Justice. For the first time since Reconstruction, Republicans captured control of the State House of Representatives, resulting in the election of a new Speaker of the House and Republicans gaining control of both legislative chambers. Unable to reach agreement on redistricting plans during the 2011 legislative session, the newly elected chambers successfully adopted plans during the 2012 session. Butler Snow lawyers Tommie S. Cardin, Heather Ladner Smith and Parker Berry represented the Standing Joint Committee on Legislative Reapportionment in developing the plans and submitting them for preclearance. Legal Assistants Donna Hardin and Velvet Johnson provided critical support in preparing the preclearance submissions. The Department of Justice precleared both Senate and House plans on September 14, 2012.