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2012 Mississippi Legislative Highlights

  • Inventory Tax Credit (SB 2934) – This legislation has been a topic of discussion in the legislature for years, and although the inventory tax was not completely eliminated, legislation dealing with an inventory tax credit finally came to fruition this year. The legislation increases the amount of tax credit a company can receive for the local tax it pays on inventory.
  • Mississippi Small Business Investment Company Act (SB 2659) – Legislation was passed to ensure the Mississippi Small Business Investment Company Act could be properly utilized in the years to come. The changes that were passed this session will allow $50 million in insurance premium tax credits to be sold in order to invest that $50 million, plus $50 million in matching funds, in qualified small businesses in the state. The total impact over a five-year period could be $100 million in new investment in our state’s small businesses.
  • Mississippi Health Care Industry Zone Act (HB 1537) – This legislation will provide incentives for qualified businesses to locate within a five-mile radius of designated medical zones. In order to qualify, these businesses must make an investment of $10 million and/or create a minimum of 25 new full-time jobs.
  • Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Act (SB 2398) – The act is designed to identify and address government policies and regulations that hinder job creators. The legislation creates a committee of former and current small business owners and officers who will review proposed and existing regulations in the state to determine if those regulations are harmful to Mississippi small businesses.
  • Workers Compensation (SB 2576) – Legislation was approved making updates to the state’s Workers’ Compensation system. The new provisions will require that employees meet a higher burden of proof that their injuries were work-related and will also allow employers to order drug and alcohol testing for injured workers when there is reasonable suspicion of substance abuse at the time of their accident.
  • Sunshine Act (HB 211) – The Sunshine Act gives elected officials and state agency heads an option to hire outside counsel when they disagree with the Attorney General on legal issues. The legislation also requires the disclosure of attorney retention contracts and includes protections that ensure attorneys’ fees paid for representing the state in major litigation are both transparent and appropriate.
  • Redistricting (JR 1 and JR 201) – New Senate and House district maps were drawn and approved by both chambers. The 122 House districts and 52 Senate districts have to be updated after each Census to account for population changes. The redistricting plans are now pending U.S. Department of Justice review and approval.
  • Voter ID Law (HB 921) – In the 2011 general election, a constitutional amendment requiring photo voter identification at the polls was approved by voters. In response to the approval of the constitutional amendment, legislators presented the Voter ID Law which requires that persons appearing to vote must present valid ID.
  • Dual Enrollment Bill (SB 2792) – This bill provides avenues for students to receive workforce training skills at community and junior colleges while still in high school. The goal of this legislation is to reduce high school dropouts.