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Frank Rosenblatt returns to Iraq as a lawyer – and a new father – CNN

Franklin D. Rosenblatt was featured in an article by CNN. The series profiled soldiers and their families whose lives were defined by the Iraq war.

The following is an excerpt from the article:

Rocket alarms pierced the quiet at Camp Warrior, breaking the concentration of Army Maj. Frank Rosenblatt.

The 35-year-old military lawyer was talking strategy with other attorneys on their effort to push the Iraqi government to prosecute a man accused of launching attacks against the American base. Now, another assault was under way.

A voice blared from the loudspeakers: “Incoming! Incoming! Incoming!”

It was early October, and insurgents had targeted the base in northern Iraq with surprising accuracy in recent weeks. Most of the time, the explosives fell short, hitting the ground in the base’s protective perimeter. But sometimes a rocket found its mark. One had struck a housing area nine days earlier, killing a young soldier who was part of Rosenblatt’s security detail on his trips to the courthouse in Kirkuk.

With American troops set to leave Iraq in just a few weeks, bringing to an end more than eight years of war, Rosenblatt wasn’t fighting their attackers on the battlefield – he was going after them in an Iraqi court.

And now, he was running for his life.

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