Published by the Butler Snow Labor and Employment Group, this newsletter focuses on developments in areas such as, policy manuals, staffing and employment contracts, compliance matters, employment litigation and labor law.

Topics Include:
  • DOL Celebrates FMLA's 20th Anniversary by Issuing New Final Rule on FMLA Expansion 
  • Restricting Outside Communications: How Far Can You Go? 
  • Addressing Workplace Romance Issues 

Topics Include:
  • The NLRB Puts Its Thumb on the Scale 
  • Sixth Circuit Confirms Exempt Status of Mortgage Loan Originators 
  • Employers' Affordable Care Act Notice Requirement 

Topics Include:
  • Free ELA 90-Minute Webinar: can Employers Demand to See Employees' and Applicants' Facebook Pages? Panelist - Kara E. Shea 

Topics Include:
  • NLRB Invalidates Non-Union Class Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements 
  • Today's Work Environment Suggests Employers Should Examine Non-Competition Agreements to Ensure Clarity 
  • FMLA May Protect Pre-Eligibility Requests for Post-Eligibility Leave 
  • U.S. Fifth Circuit of Appeals Invalidates Arbitration Clause in At-Will Handbook, Apply Texas Law   

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