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From asbestos to silica, dioxin, PCBs, HCL, welding rod and other substances, Butler Snow has successfully tried, defended and administered toxic tort cases across the United States. Since the inception of the asbestos and silica litigation, Butler Snow has been involved as defense counsel. Toxic tort litigation in the United States is constantly evolving.  Plaintiff attorneys continue to identify new toxic torts and new defendants in existing toxic torts matters and Butler Snow is uniquely positioned and capable of providing the highest level of service to its clients. The high level of satisfaction among our asbestos and silica clients as well as our many other toxic tort clients testifies to our success, as does our clients' willingness to refer our firm new clients.               

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We have tried many cases to verdict that involve a wide range of allegedly toxic chemicals transmitted through various media including rivers and surface waters, underground waters, and air. These trials have ranged from a single plaintiff to several hundred plaintiffs, to over 10,000 plaintiffs in a single case.

Over the last ten years, our firm has successfully represented over 20 different companies in the silica litigation and over 25 different companies sued in asbestos matters. During this period, the number of asbestos and silica filings in Mississippi was astronomical, numbering in the tens of thousands for both asbestos and silica. Butler Snow navigated its clients through these dangerous times and secured countless dismissals. Butler Snow remains posed to handle the complicated medical and liability issues which arise in these matters for its existing and future clients.

In addition, metalworking fluid litigation is an emerging mass tort field being advanced by national plaintiff firms. Few, if any, firms can match Butler Snow’s experience in defending metalworking fluid claims.

The firm has managed, coordinated and tried class actions, consolidated class actions, and cases before the Multidistrict Litigation Panel in addition to individual plaintiffs. Issues have ranged from personal injury to trespass and nuisance. On such cases, the firm’s environmental and regulatory specialists serve as a particularly helpful resource in addition to the legal assistants and technical personnel who regularly work in this area; so we can immediately provide both litigation management and remediation assistance where necessary.

Many of our toxic tort litigators publish and speak regularly in this field. One of the firm’s toxic tort litigators is the co-author of the chapter on toxicology in the text Expert Evidence - A Practitioner’s Guide to Law, Science, and the FJC Manual published by the West Group in 1997. Others have co-authored chapters in publications relating to the exclusion of expert witnesses under the Daubert case and have had extensive experience addressing this issue of expert witness testimony.

In addition, we understand the public relations issues that can make or break such a case. Working closely with our government relations Group and outside issues management firms, we provide our clients with a comprehensive management plan for educating the public as well as winning the case.

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