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Since Butler Snow filed and prosecuted the biggest officers and directors liability case the state had ever seen and wrote the foundational chapter in Mississippi corporate governance law, Butler Snow appellate lawyers have handled countless appeals, many of them involving novel, complex issues of great importance (see Knox Glass Bottle Co. v. Underwood, 89 So.2d 799 (Miss. 1956)). Since the firm's inception, Butler Snow has enjoyed an extensive federal and state appellate practice in all fields of law. These include appeals both of cases tried by Butler Snow and cases tried by other firms, as well as the preparation of amici briefs on behalf of trade associations and other interested organizations.

The attorneys in our Appellate and Written Advocacy Group offer the specialized skills that written and oral advocacy require. We understand that successful appeals are shaped from the initial stages of litigation. Appellate lawyers are an integral part of any litigation team, providing support in the form of strategy and written advocacy at every stage. Our attorneys have extensive trial experience, are equipped to handle every aspect of an appeal and have a record of proven results.

Practice highlights
  • Our appellate team has national experience. Our appellate lawyers have appeared in the United States Supreme Court, 11 of the 12 United States Courts of Appeal, the State Supreme Court of Mississippi and other state appellate courts throughout the country.

  • In the past four years, Butler Snow lawyers have handled appeals resulting in reversals of judgments totaling more than $60 million, and helped shape changes in the legal environment in Mississippi, particularly in areas of mass joinder of plaintiffs and venue.

  • Our attorneys routinely appear on CLE programs devoted to appellate advocacy, and they have published numerous articles addressing appellate jurisdictional issues and other related subjects.

  • Attorneys in our Appellate Group are listed in The Best Lawyers in America® as well as Mid-South Super Lawyers®. 

Representative experience 

  • Mike Townsend v. Doosan Infracore American Corporation, ( No. 2007-CA-01153-COA )   __ So. 2d __, 2009 WL 368359 (Miss. Ct. App., February 17, 2009) (affirming trial court's exclusion of plaintiff's causation expert for lack of proper methodology under Daubert/McLemore standards and affirming summary judgment).  



  • Upchurch Plumbing, Inc. v. Greenwood Utilities Com'n,  964 So.2d 1100 (Miss. 2007) ($2.6 million judgment, including attorney fees, affirmed).  



  • Hall v. Canadian Nat’l / Ill. Cent. R.R. v. Hall, 953 So.2d 1084 (Miss. 2007) (affirming, $1.5 million jury award).  

  •  Janssen Pharmaceutica Inc. v. Bailey, 878 So.2d 31, Prod. Liab. Rep (CCH) P 17,008. (Miss. 2004) ($100 million verdict vacated).

  • 3M Co. v. Johnson, 895 So.2d 151 (Miss. 2005) ($22.5 million judgment reversed and rendered).

  • Community Bank of Ellisville v. Courtney,  884 So.2d 767 (Miss. 2004) ($5 million judgment reduced to $7,000).

  • FMC Corp., Inc. v. Helton, 202 S.W.3d 490 (Ark. 2005) ($1.25 million judgment, including attorney fees award, reversed and remanded).

  • Janssen Pharmaceutica Inc. v. Armond, 866 So.2d 1092, Prod. Liab. Rep. (CCH) P 16,876  (Miss. 2004) (resulted in new joinder and venue rules for Mississippi).

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